Chaz McIntire '16

Athletic Coaching Education

“I’ve always been involved with coaching in some aspect. It felt like the right place to be.”

WVU student Chaz McIntire has dreams of a coaching career, and a scholarship created by Head Basketball Coach Bob Huggins and his wife, June, has benefited him in his pursuit.

The senior athletic coaching education major from Clarksburg says he has always loved sports, but his enrollment in the athletic coaching educations program at WVU solidified his choice of career path.

“I’ve always been involved with coaching in some aspect,” McIntire said. “It felt like the right place to be.”

The Bob and June Huggins Athletic Coaching Education Scholarship benefits two undergraduate students each year who are pursuing degrees in the program. However, McIntire’s interest and involvement with coaching began long before he began his education at WVU.

In high school, McIntire was the manager of his school’s football team. He also spent his free time coaching little league.

McIntire was able to interact with coaches during high school, which gave him great insight as to what being a coach is like and if he could see himself in a coaching position in the future.

Now, finishing up his degree at WVU, McIntire is interning with the Nate Smith Basketball School, which provides individual private lessons to players.

McIntire says his most difficult, but no less interesting or rewarding, internship experience was with the Champion Training Academy. McIntire’s coaching abilities were challenged as he spent a semester coaching disabled children in cheerleading.

McIntire’s favorite classes within the ACE program are technique classes because they provide a more in-depth coaching experience. He is currently conducting an independent study focused on breaking down high school football film, which allows athletes, coaches, and even parents to have a more detailed reference for improving technique.

“It’s a great teaching and coaching tool to be able to utilize,” McIntire says. “You are better able to coach the players by being able to show them their technique visually. For example, with golf, you can break down the angles and adjust. It’s almost like sports physics.”

McIntire has also made time to give back to the College of Physical Activity and Sports Science throughout his undergraduate career. He served as chair of the Dean’s Advisory Board for one year, during which members held a sports auction to raise money for a senior scholarship. More money was raised for that scholarship than ever before during McIntire’s time as board chair.

McIntire says it has been very helpful to have funding to apply to his education as a recipient of the Bob and June Huggins Scholarship.

“It really helped me to buy books and supplies that I needed for my classes,” McIntire said.

McIntire, who is pursuing a minor in business administration as well, hopes to find a job coaching at a small college or high school after his graduation. If not, he is interested in opening up his own coaching business.