EDU: short for “education,” those three letters cap web addresses for the vast majority of schools, setting them apart by their calling. We take those letters—and that calling—to heart at the WVU College of Education & Human Services. We are EDU at WVU.

We educate students for careers in human development, supervision, teaching, and research. We drive the conversation for education reform in the state. And we utilize resources to advance education in a rapidly changing society.

Our 30,000 alumni work throughout West Virginia and around the country as teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and superintendents—as well as reading, special education, hearing, and speech specialists. Our graduates are prominent leaders at all levels of local, state, and national education.

Every resident in West Virginia has been, or will be, touched by a College of Education & Human Services graduate. We are the building block of education—the place that shapes this State of Minds.

We recognize that revolutionary changes in technology and significant social, political, and environmental issues dramatically affect how today’s students learn and what they must know. Together, with your help, the College of Education & Human Services will rise to the challenge of preparing professionals to educate today’s students to become tomorrow’s successful global citizens.

The Trajectory of Success

Established in 1927, the College of Education & Human Services has a rich history of serving West Virginia by preparing classroom teachers and allied educational professionals. We have more than 100 student placement sites in a variety of school settings for hands-on training. The College is on-line around the globe, delivering professional development and degree programs.

We produce the most master’s and doctoral graduates in the state of West Virginia. Our alumni are leaders at every level; in fact, 34 of the state’s 55 school superintendents hold degrees from the College of Education & Human Services.

The College enjoys a strong reputation, with nationally ranked programs in speech pathology and rehabilitation counseling. The Benedum Collaborative 5-Year Teacher Education Program is recognized as outstanding. Named the 2012 recipient of the Award for Exemplary Professional Development School Achievement, Benedum gives students 1,000 hours of teaching experience while also awarding both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

We are responsive to changing needs. We offer five graduate degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education—training leaders who will inspire students for careers in these in-demand fields. The Educational Leadership program prepares future principals and superintendents—urgently needed with the anticipated retirement of so many baby boomers.

We are engaged in today’s most pressing issues: student performance, digital learning, and parental involvement, among others. Through our extensive state, national, and international partners, we introduce students to broad-ranging educational experiences. We collaborate within the University and with nonprofit organizations to engage students, schools, and entire communities.

These innovations hold promise to improve education here in West Virginia, across the nation, and around the world. To realize this promise, however, we need alumni, friends, and supporters, like you, to invest in CEHS.

Priorities for Tomorrow

The best way to educate K–12 students is to prepare smart, driven, and exceptional teachers and allied professionals—the type needed to effect change. This is the vision at the College of Education & Human Services. Through this campaign, we ask you, alumni and friends who believe in this vision, to invest in the following priorities.

  • Scholarship Support
  • Research and Program Support
  • New Schoolhouse

To learn more about these funding priorities download the College of Education & Human Services campaign brochure or contact Amy Lutz at 304-293-3261. To learn more about the College of Education & Human Services visit