A WVU education is a student-centered education. We make a promise to each student, to each parent, and to our community and our state that we will do everything in our power to provide the knowledge, training, and experiences that will prepare every student and graduate for lifelong learning and success. With that promise comes responsibility—and the WVU Division of Student Life is the manifestation of that responsibility.

The many departments, programs, people, and innovations of WVU Student Life, paired with outstanding academics and inspired teaching, form the true center of our student-centered education. We touch students’ lives from the day they are recruited to the day they graduate… and beyond. From the first moment new Mountaineers arrive on campus we feed them, house them, entertain them, educate, mentor and support them, protect their health through exercise and wellness, counsel them, respect and engage their diversity, help them reach their career goals, even discipline them on rare occasions—every aspect of their lives outside the classroom defines the scope of our responsibility and commitment. Students are our top priority, and our mission is to participate in and power their success.

From Adventure West Virginia to WWVU-FM radio, the Mountaineer Parents Club to the Student Recreation Center, more than 30 wide-ranging departments and programs within WVU Student Life serve our students and their parents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are continually developing new programs and new ways to link people, resources, and possibilities, and as WVU continues to grow, even more will be expected from us—more new ideas, more services, more connections. We can and will exceed those expectations—but only with your generosity and commitment. Student-centered education is an expensive enterprise and your support is needed to help WVU Student Life offer the services, resources, experiences, and innovation that allow our students to shape bright futures and rewarding lives.

The Trajectory of Success

From 30 departments, dozens of programs, and thousands of students taking part, it would take a brochure far larger than this one to detail the list of services and support we provide, from the new and nationally noticed to the traditional and deeply felt. So a few examples will have to do:

Academic STARS (Students Achieving and Reaching Success) is a program designed to enrich the college experience for outstanding, newly enrolled African-American freshmen. Participating students build a solid academic foundation, increase their confidence and self-awareness, and enhance their leadership potential.

What began as a small outdoor orientation program for our students is today the multifaceted Adventure West Virginia program, spanning experiential education from wilderness trips to leadership training to international study abroad programs.

We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to America’s military veterans, and WVU honors their service by providing our own: a range of veterans’ programs that provide support, advocacy, and education and career advising to the hundreds of vets studying and succeeding at WVU.

The Mountaineer Parents Club is the way for parents of present, future, and past WVU students to get involved with WVU as they stay informed and connected with their children’s education. Our parents bring their energy, enthusiasm, and ideas to our shared goal: continuously enhancing every aspect of the student-centered experience at WVU.

WVU Student Life is a pioneer in developing safe, fun, and free activities on campus. From our nationally recognized weekend alternative program, WVUp All Night, to events like the alcohol-free Student LOT that precedes Mountaineer home football games, we are always finding new ways to mix fun with safety, release with responsibility.

WVU certainly isn’t the first to believe that health is the most important thing—but we are one of the first to create a coordinated student wellness program that emphasizes prevention and best practices that will allow WVU students to reach the peak of their potential, called WELLWVU: The Students’ Center of Health. From fitness and nutrition advice to the outstanding health care providers of the student health center, we’re putting everything under one roof.

The list goes on, but none of this, as you already know, can happen without your commitment and support.

Priorities for Tomorrow

WVU Student Life has identified a list of essential funding priorities that, with your vital support, will power our contributions to the WVU student-centered education. A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia’s University is the vehicle through which you can make a difference for students and parents as well as our state, national, and global communities.

  • Scholarships and Student Enrichment
  • International Student Initiatives
  • Veterans Initiative
  • Student Diversity Programs
  • Adventure West Virginia
  • Student Organization Support

To learn more about these funding priorities contact Chuck Kerzak at 304-284-4027. To learn more about the WVU Student Life visit studentlife.wvu.edu.