Check before massage! 12 Dangerous Symptoms: Don’t go for a massage at all.

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Check before massage! 12 Dangerous Symptoms: Don’t go for a massage at all.

Sitting and working with a stiff back all day. If you get someone with soft hands to squeeze and massage around your neck, shoulders, back, or even your arms and legs. And feet that have been burdened with heavy burdens for a long time would be good. Because of this, many people are very addicted to massage. Because is comfortable. So relaxed that you almost don’t want to get out of bed.

But before rushing to the parlor We should know first that Not everyone is suitable for massage. Especially Thai massage or traditional. If an unexpected event occurs. There may be a risk of death. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Do not massage when you….

  1. Fever higher than 38.5 degrees Celsius
  2. It is an acute infectious disease.
  3. Have inflammation from an infection
  4. There are parts of the body where the bones are broken, brittle, cracked, or dislocated.
  5. Have heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes that are still unable to control their symptoms within the normal range.
  6. It’s a skin disease.
  7. have chronic open wounds
  8. It is a contagious disease that can infect others.
  9. have cancer
  10. Had surgery and the wound still hasn’t healed completely.
  11. Have symptoms of phlebitis
  12. severe osteoporosis

In addition, if you go to use a service center that is not up to standard.

You may encounter personnel. or the person giving the massage That doesn’t have enough good knowledge. Massage areas that shouldn’t be massaged. May cause injury or life-threatening to us Areas that should not be massaged are:

– Along the bones and blood vessels such as the cervical spine, spine, ribs, sides of the neck, under the ears, behind the ears, lymph nodes under the chin.

– Various nerve centers such as the crook of the arm, wrist, and crook of the leg.

If anyone knows that they just had surgery. She recently had an accident and her bones were broken or broken. She is a pregnant woman. Being an elderly person and have had plastic surgery on any part of the body before Must be more careful Or avoid massaging areas that are at risk as well. In addition, choosing a quality service center that meets standards and is under the control of the Ministry of Public Health. It will help reduce the risk of danger from in another way.