Get to know your core muscles Not cared for – frequent back pain 

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Get to know your core muscles Not cared for – frequent back pain Spinal disease may ask.

Spine specialist warns if chronic back pain is found. That might be a sign. That Your core muscles or “Core Muscle” are not strong. This factor may affect being Long-term spinal disease. Report from สมัคร ufabet

What causes frequent back pain?

Common back pain problems often come from weak. The core muscles serve to create stability for the body and spine. both while the body is moving and at rest Therefore, exercising that focuses on core muscle is something that you should do. If you are going to start exercising and taking care of your health. Because it is a muscle that helps the body maintain good balance. Reduce injuries from other exercises. It also helps in everyday life such as standing, walking, and sitting, all of which use. 

What is the core muscle?

That core muscles are muscles that are close to the core of the body. Serves to move the spine and causes various activities such as turning around, lifting things, or turning around to look at objects. Also in the movement of arms or legs. The also responsible for maintaining posture. Keep the core of the body still. Add stability to the spine Helps to move smoothly whether walking or running. The relationship of various structures in the body due to muscles being connected by fascia. Therefore, if the are weak or inflexible It will cause the strength of the arm or leg muscles to decrease while doing various activities. and vice versa. If your are strong, you can add strength to your arm or leg muscles.

However, strong core muscles are like locking the spine in 360 degrees,

making it easier for the body to move. The core muscles keep the spine in proper alignment. If we have strong muscles, it will allow us to hold postures or move with balance and stability. The body posture will be in the correct manner. Keep the body’s center of gravity in the right position. which reduces the force exerted on the spine It can also reduce injuries that may occur to muscles and various structures. of the spine The results of having strong also help the functioning of the arms and legs during various activities. It can happen effectively, for example, making runners have a longer stride length. Golfers can make better swings, for example.

Strong core muscles can help reduce chronic back pain. Because chronic back pain can be caused by many reasons. Especially the weakness of the muscles in the back and abdominal muscles is another important factor that can cause pain. Studies have shown that increasing core strength and endurance can help reduce chronic back pain and back pain caused by herniated discs.

In summary, the core muscles are an important component of the spine. 

Because when you have symptoms of spinal disease The will also have symptoms. Therefore, the core muscles are an important part in treating spinal diseases. whether it is degenerative spinal disease Herniated disc or a ruptured disc from osteoporosis After treating bone disease, the patient needs to take care as well in order for the treatment to be sustainable.