Inzaghi is pleased with the team’s performance

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Inzaghi is pleased with the team’s performance. Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi praised the team’s outstanding performance in the opening match of the Serie A.

Anaconda defeated Genoa 4-0 in the Italian Serie A match of the 2021/22 season on Saturday. Make the team start the new season with 3 points as expected.

“I’m very confident. that the team will perform well Because I’ve seen them work with more enthusiasm and thirst since July 8, wanting to learn a new way,” Inzaghi said after the game.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better start. Especially in front of our fans who come back into the stadium again.”

In addition, Inzaghi also spoke about the performance of Hakan Chalanolu, the new midfielder who managed to score 1 goal and 1 assist in the past match. Including coordination with Edin Dzeko, another new player well.

“Chalanolu is a great player. Quality and quantity can be combined. He runs really hard for the team, every time I fight with him. He always creates problems. We are lucky enough to have him on the team. I think he can be stronger. Because he doesn’t know how good he is.”